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Feature Film Johanna and the Whale by George Monteiro



by Camilo E. GUTIERREZ 


At the top of his career, Enrique Caballero Gil, a famous writer of thrillers, and Mercedes, his beautiful wife are celebrating the sales record of his latest book. Later that night a terrible car accident changes their lives forever.


Twenty years later, Enrique is suffering from Alzheimer and has declined to a sad and languid version of himself. Mercedes brings him to the luxury rehabilitation centre "The Willows", an old remote farmhouse specialised in the treatment of the disease. Dr. Fazir, a friendly and well-mannered man who runs the institution graciously and Luis, a mute and mysterious young man who works as his assistant, welcome them.


A few days after arriving at the rehabilitation, Mercedes dies under mysterious circumstances that makes it impossible to recover her body.  This arouses Enrique's suspicion and he starts to suspect that his wife has been murdered. From that moment, Enrique tries to discover the truth, struggling to differentiate nevertheless reality  from constant attacks of insanity. Even Dr. Fazir tries to assure him that his suspection is only a a symptom of the advanced stage of the disease, Enrique refuses to believe him. 


Enrique continues delving into the darkest recesses of his memory and the strange events around him, seeking and finding answers that are slowly transforming his life into a nightmare. He slowly discovers that nothing is what it seems and no one is who he claims to be.



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