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Feature Film by Luis Tinoco



by Luis Tinoco



A military command specialized in international counterterrorism hires the services of four technicians in film visual effects for retouching images that have to be issued on television around the world. An international conflict and the lives of hostages in Pakistani territory depend on the credibility of these images created by technicians. When Salvo, one of the soldiers, begins to doubt the ultimate goal of the mission and the real intentions of his superiors, he begins a dangerous and thrilling race against time to uncover the truth and save his own life and the lives of the technicians.

Fake  by Luis Tinoco




FAKEs dossier Img 11.jpg
FAKEs dossier Img 10.jpg
FAKEs dossier Img 08.png
FAKEs dossier Img 07.jpg
FAKEs dossier Img 01.JPG
FAKEs dossier Enviroment Img 08.jpg
FAKEs dossier References Img 04.jpg
FAKEs dossier Enviroment Img 05.jpg
FAKEs dossier Enviroment Img 10.jpg
FAKEs dossier Enviroment Img 04.jpg
FAKEs dossier Enviroment Img 01.jpg

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