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Feature Film by Mauricio Marin


by Maurizio Marin



Police officers like detective Samuel Lopez ensure towns such as Salt Lake City are kept in order. Reyes, known as “El Cazador”, is a vicious Mexican cartel boss who has set up his business in Salt Lake City, far from the federal agents monitoring border towns. Not only is Reyes involved in major drug deals, but he also runs a human trafficking ring. His operations are conducted in a secret casino owned by Diego Diaz, a popular local businessman. One day, detective Samuel Lopez discovers a mutilated corpse with a briefcase full of money which happens to be El Cazador’s. Detective Lopez finds himself caught in the middle of a desperate hunt for the briefcase, the kidnapping of his daughter, federal agents on his trail, and Reyes who will stop at nothing to get his money back.


Title. Double click me.

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